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This part is for you the customer, whether you have had a good experience or maybe we did not meet your needs please feel free to email White's or message us through text or our Facebook page or twitter. We will then paste and copy to this page for everyone to be able to read. Thank you.

Absolutely superb!!! John helped me out of a tight spot when my dog had soiled my seats. What a nightmare and I needed to act quickly. John went out of his way to fit me in despite it being late in the day and did the most fantastic job. I can't thank him enough, I never expected my car to look as good as it did and so far so good- smell eradicated!. My car looks like new! Very nice friendly chap too, would recommend highly.


John you valeted my car in august, and what a great job you did. But a few weeks later I noticed my windscreen had some weird smears on the inside, and it felt a little greasy. I called you to ask your opinion, and you said you would come to me and sort out the issue. I would like to thank you for coming over today and a great fast response. Will be in touch.


I would like to thank John for a fantastic job you did on my Aston Martin. It was getting into a little bit of a sorry state, when I called you, and discussed my options. You were so professional and explained without seeing the car, you would be unable to give a fair opinion and price. We agreed with the Option 2 Showroom valet, and after one and half days you brought my car back to life. I am so impressed with your service, I will be passing your name to everyone I know.

Again Thank you John


A friend pointed me in your direction, after having a few problems with the local car wash polish guys. the great thing I found was apart from a good job, but you did not change the price you quoted as all the others do. Will be back.


You said you were not perfect and make mistakes like everyone else, as I went round my car with you I pointed out a few things you missed, but as you pointed out, they would be on the next valet up if i wanted it. But out of the kindness of your heart you did those faults with no extra cost. Thanks


My car went back to the leasing company without a problem, you did a good job with your machine and paint stick. Cheers


Thank you for a full valet. Was very impressed as it was so dirty. Will be back before it gets to bad next time.


Great job thank you John Found you after searching the internet. Very optimistic as the guy I used to use is not doing car cleaning anymore. But after you suggested what I needed and how long you would need my car for. You pulled out all the stops and my car now looks better now than when I first picked it up from the dealership. I will be passing your name around and will be back. Thank you


Fantastic, Sparkling job John


Thank you very much for doing my car, it has not looked as good since buying it many years ago. I will definitely be recommending you.


Going through the Internet to find someone to valet my pride and joy and after a few false hopes on the phone. I came across yours and after you had given it the best it now out shines others. I will be coming back.


Thank you for doing my car today, see you again soon. And it's also nice to see you do loyalty cards.


I'm not really dirty, but I suppose I did let my car slip and after giving it to you. You did an A1 job highly recommended.


My friend told me about you and may I say, you done an outstanding job on my old banger. I will in turn pass on your details to others.


I knew my car was a mess, but I didn't realise how bad it really was until you had cleaned it. You have given it a new life and it is just perfect thank you I will be coming back and passing to my family and friends.


I am amazed at the state of the interior when it was brought in for valeting. How could anyone treat a vehicle, their own or a hire one, like that? You did a first class job of the valeting.


Wow..! Amazing service and even better rates. Will highly recommend John and will be back for sure.


In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. WHITE'S was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!


Thanks John for the wonderful valet you done on my x-trail , didn't think the stains would come out of the back seats (kids) . Thanks again and were be seeing you in the near future.