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Terms & Conditions


In most cases we try and book you the customer in as soon as we can, or on a date that you have asked for. If you would like a text message to confirm your booking or you would like us to remind you 24hrs in advance then could you please let us know at time of booking.


White’s have now made a few changes to the Valeting & Detailing payments, please read below so you can see how things have changed. In almost all cases we take payment once your vehicle has been completed. We accept Card, BACS, PayPal & Cash.

1. DEPOSIT: As of now we are taking deposits. Any valet package over £100.00 will need to pay a 25% deposit to secure your booking. This will need to be done by PayPal or Bank Transfer.  

If you have paid a Deposit and need to then cancel.

72hours or more before your booking you will receive 100% money back.

48hrs - 71hrs before your booking you will receive 50% of your deposit.

Those who cancel 47hrs or less will forfeit their deposit.

We also reserve the right to take a deposit for anything less than £100 valet package.


2. NO SHOW: This is a customer that has book there vehicle in with us, and on the day they have failed to show up for their appointment. Half an hour after appointment was meant to start we will give you a curtsy call, as you could be stuck in traffic, taking children to school or something else. If there is an answer machine we will leave a message. At 1700hrs when our unit shuts if we have not heard from you we will mark you as a NO SHOW, and if in the future you wish to book again, we will need the money up front plus 10%. As not showing up results in others who have tried to book but are unable to as we were full and they have gone elsewhere.

Prices & Quotes:

1. The prices on our valeting packages are now a guideline. In most cases this will be the price you pay. If you book over the phone, Email or Social Media please remember how you describe the state of your vehicle is sometimes not how we see it. So until we can actually see the vehicle we will NOT give you the exact price. If your car is in a very bad state, or we have to remove all your personal items prior to starting the price will be increased.

2. Once you have told us which valet package you are wanting and it is booked in, if on arrival you would like us to sort out other issue that are not on the package please remember the price will increase.