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Here at White's we now offer 3 new services.  

  1. Headlight Restoration: is one we have been doing for a while now but have not really promoted it, until now.
  2. Alloy Wheel Protection: we have now been trained and certified by AlloyGator to fit Alloy Wheel protection to help prevent from damaging the rims of your beloved vehicle.
  3. Leather & Vinyl Repairs: Enjoying out trip to London to be trained by Colourlock we can now offer a range of things to be able to fix.

The seat & head rest above was one of our training seats were carrying out.  

Like anything you need to practice to become good at anything. And that is why until the end of this year we are not going to be charging the full amount, what we were advised to on the course, but enough so we can still keep practicing and investing in there products.. All prices will be given on inspection and NOT over the phone.

Could you also Allow a good time for these repairs to be done. As i am aware it could be a good few hours, and I know some take days. 

We will add more to this as time goes on.

The benefit of having AlloyGators on your wheels will help you from curbing your wheel rims. So if you lease, PCP, rent or if you have got a really lovely car you don't wish to ruin your wheels. Then Alloy Wheel protection is the way ahead.  

There will be a few of you just wishing to bling up your wheels, and thats why there a number of different colours to choose from.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us, or pop in when your passing. We will be more than happy to guide and answer any question, unless of course we don't know.

Headlight Restoration:

Are your headlights looking a little on the dull side, turning cloudy, dull and yellow. Depending how bad they maybe, they could FAIL your vehicles MOT, and in this case could charge you anything from £100 plus. So instead of having brand new headlights when they are so expensive these days, go for a cheaper option and have us restore them. And also they will pass through MOT's but more importantly you will be able to see more clearly at night.

For Availability & Bookings Please:

Call John or Jamie: 07557966055

Email: [email protected]

Address: 82 Southampton Rd, Salisbury SP1 2LE